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Caleb Vallencourt

Certified Personal Trainer


Certifications: AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, BS in Exercise Science, Training For Warriors Coach, Spartan Race Obstacle & Run Specialist, PFP Fitness Consultant

Caleb has been in the health & fitness industry for over 20 years.  He has been a personal trainer and manager for the last 17 years, managing multiple personal training departments and almost 50 personal trainers.  Over the years, Caleb has trained clients for golf, tennis, soccer, running, hockey, obstacle course racing, knee & shoulder replacements, weight loss, strength gain & fighting old age. 

Caleb is an avid trail runner, competitive obstacle course racer, and lifter of heavy objects.  Caleb enjoys long runs in the freezing rain, working out in the 90-degree heat, and marching up & down mountains with 60-pound sandbags.

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