Lauren Miller

NASM Certified Personal Trainer



Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Lauren grew up in FL but those days are long behind her as she has prioritized living in locations that foster a lifestyle centered around various outdoor adventures for every season. Upon graduating college, Lauren moved to Telluride, CO where she was able to hike, ski, and bike, while pursuing a career in fitness. Lauren’s desire to further her knowledge brought her to UVM to obtain a Masters of Physical Activity and Wellness Science, which provided her with the skills to gain a deeper understanding as to why movement is so critical and how to implement strategies that enhance physical activity on an individual, as well as on a community level. She graduated in May of 2020. She believes that movement should be goal-oriented, focused on injury prevention, health promoting (for short and long term) and programmed around sustaining the activities that an individual enjoys most. Lauren is a NASM certified Personal Trainer, certified yoga instructor (RYT200) and passionate group fitness instructor. She has worked with a wide range of clients and looks forward to continuing to do so.