They say that the body is defined in the gym and refined in the kitchen. Are you ready to take the next step? Precision Nutrition is science-based nutrition designed to help you eat right for your body type, activity level, and set goals. Now is the time to learn what "good nutrition" really means for you.


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Services Offered
  • Free Analysis

    • Body Fat %​

    • Measurements

    • Weight

    • Blood Pressure

  • Nutritional Plans

    • Correct ratio for your body type

    • Alignment with your caloric needs and goals

    • Realistic meals for your life-style

  • 6/12/24 Session Consultation Packages

  • Monthly EFT Continuation Plan

    • One 30-min coaching session​

    • One Measurement Retest

    • Unlimited Text and Email

    • One Group Class

  • Learn to Grocery Shop for Health

    • Shop the parapmeters first​

    • Read nutrition labels

    • Shop right for your body type

    • Shop for variety

  • Dejunk Your Kitchen

    • Get rid of the stuff you habitually buy that is not working for you​

    • Lose the processed food with little to no nutritional value

Nakeeya Deas
Precision Nutrition Coach


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