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Rationalizing Quality

For all of you out there who, like me, are always trying to balance the cost of living and eating clean with the realities of living within your budget, this post is for you... Think about the costs you often rationalize- your $100/month cable bill, eating out costs, costs for things that work against your goals i.e. deserts, alcohol, calorically high drinks at Starbucks, etc. These are items that we pay for regularly that are quite arguably not necessary for survival. Why is it that we have such a hard time rationalizing the costs of excellent food vs food with little to no nutritional value? Why is it that our cable bill makes sense but we balk at a fitness membership? Why do we buy from Starbucks or Walmart when we truly know the importance of supporting local businesses? I'm asking these questions because I do this too! We are constantly faced with choices of how we care for ourselves and our families and feel like we have to choose between quality and price. It's a balancing act! As I remind you, I remind myself, that we have only today- and today I choose to live well. Today I choose to remain committed to the quality of what my family consumes. And tomorrow I will choose again.

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