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Massage therapy has innumerable benefits for the whole mind and body; especially in conjunction with a training regimen. Massage helps in post-workout recovery by keeping muscles lengthened, flushing out lactic acid buildup in the body, and helping improve the body's ability to function. 

There are many benefits to massage therapy aside from training recovery:


  • Relieves Stress

  • Encourages Relaxation

  • Improves Posture

  • Improves Circulation

  • Lowers Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

  • Increases Metabolism

  • Relaxes Muscles

  • Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion

  • Reduces the Chance of Injury

  • Shortens Recovery Time Between Workouts

  • Removes Toxic Wastes (Lactic and Carbonic Acids) that Produce Muscle Fatigue

  • Promotes Deeper and Easier Breathing

  • Relieves Headaches

  • Strengthens The Immune System and Promotes Healing

  • Enhances Post-Operative Rehabilitation

  • Improves Rehabilitation After Injury

  • Manages Pain of Chronic Conditions

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Migraines

    • Arthritis


Our massage therapists offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Custom Massages to Fitness Options members and non-members. Descriptions of each form of massage are below.





30-minutes: $40*

60-minutes: $65*

90-minutes: $97*



30-minutes: $45*    

60-minutes: $75*

90-minutes: $107*




5-hours: $300    

10-hours: $580


5-hours: $325

10-hours: $620

Have an H.S.A or Flex Account?

Through health insurance provided by your employer, you may qualify for reimbursement for massage therapy if you have a Health Savings Plan or Flex Spending Account. 



Cannabidiol (CBD) is a safe, non-intoxicating, and non-addictive compound extracted from the cannabis, or hemp, plant. It interacts with the body’s natural systems to produce a wide range of health effects.


CBD is an ideal companion for massage. There have been numerous reports of topical CBD working wonders for arthritic joints, tender points, muscle spasms, phantom limb pain, peripheral neuropathy and inflammatory skin conditions. By reducing pain, inflammation and anxiety, the body reaches deeper states of relaxation. Cannabis used topically may also improve elasticity of the skin, help eliminate acne, and increase the blood flow to the skin which allows for faster healing of cuts and scrapes.


Some people are concerned that they might feel “high” after a CBD massage. Absolutely not. The CBD oil in our massage cream has virtually zero presence of the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC.


CBD Massage is generally suitable for people of all legal ages, lifestyles, and massage needs. Although we almost never hear any reports of adverse effects associated with its use, as always, consult your physician about possible drug interactions or if you are pregnant/breastfeeding. The total amount of CBD that you would receive topically in a 60-min massage session is 10-30 mg.


Reserve your appointment by calling the front desk at (802) 863-4848. You may also contact a therapist directly by email: or

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David Means

David is passionate about fitness and wellness. David is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer, TRX and Spinning instructor, and Certified Massage Therapist. David completed a 700-hour program to become a certified massage therapist at the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 2004. He brings a balanced approach to both massage therapy and personal/group training.

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