What our Clients are Saying About Us...

“I have been a client for over 12 years, and during this time I have come to admire and respect the knowledge, skill, and personal attention that each of my trainers, past and present, has provided to help me achieve my fitness goals. Although each trainer is unique in his or her style, they share one commonality: they listen to their clients’ fitness goals and create a training program tailor made to make it happen.


Nicole Conley is my trainer and she has been so on point with the workouts specifically designed for me. After our session, I feel fit, energized and ready to conquer the day! Although Nicole cracks the whip during our training time, we manage to share stories and have a fun time. She is truly a delightful person and awesome trainer.


I would be remiss if I did not praise the entire Fitness Options and Catamount Physical Therapy staff for their professionalism and expert services. Thank you for all you do!”


-Doris Angiono

"Lynn has designed an individualized fitness program unique to my needs, which she monitors and makes regular modifications. Our overall fitness program is challenging and healthy. We are working to improve my strength, flexibility, and balance. It didn't take me long to find out how much I needed this and also how soon my own body began to strengthen and improve! It's amazing what Lynn can do without machines. She combines movements which require simultaneous strength, flexibility and balance. WOW!


I have seen positive effects in my everyday life. I have increased stamina overall; increased confidence in my own physical strength and ability. I can go up and down stairs quite easily and swiftly. Kitchen tasks such as lifting heavy items, standing and moving for long periods of time are much easier. I can keep up with my two lovable and energetic grandsons. And I can again walk faster and longer on my daily morning walks!"


-Janice Gallant

"Just wanted to send you a note about your business, especially your staff. I’ve been trying to physically train and stay some sort of shape, most of my adult life. It’s not always easy, as you know. For the past 20 years, I’ve been to many gyms around the Burlington area, and I’ve found a great place to train at Fitness Options. The difference? Your staff. The care and attention to my personal goals, displayed by my trainer, has made a difference to my commitment to my goals. Everyone’s different, and I’ve seen that your staff will develop a specific training program to help me get to where I want to be. Thank you for creating such a healthy environment at Fitness Options."


- David Van Mullen, SecurShred General Manager

"Fitness Options is a fantastic atmosphere in which to become more physically fit! The word that I associate it with is 'joy'. The entire staff is welcoming and friendly and you will hear laughs from the moment you enter the facility until you leave the locker room. Nakeeya Deas is a phenomenal trainer! She is always upbeat and incredibly supportive of helping her clients to reach their goals.  She really does inspire me! Not only do I leave each session feeling better physically, but it is also likely that we have discussed a current political issue, a book or movie, or even the latest exploits of a family member. I am so glad that I am about to celebrate my one year anniversary of working out at Fitness Options! How about you?"


- Greg Cluff

"A fit friend recommended Fitness Options for its supportive personal trainers and challenging classes. He thought that Nakeeya would be a good match – and he was right on all counts. Taking two half-hour personal training sessions a week is economical and I continue to be surprised when the session is over. We talk the whole time - but also I work out without stopping. Nakeeya is funny- and fun - and keeps the sessions interesting with different “routines.” My goals continue to be: keep on walking fast like a New Yorker, improve my balance, keep up with kids on scooters and build upper body strength, including getting more arm definition. It helps that Nakeeya is a nutrition coach, to remind me of my goal of reducing sugar intake. Two observations about Tom: he is always late, except to get to his training sessions with Nakeeya, and he lied to me about the Friday class he takes. He said it was for men only and when I told Nakeeya the class should be open for all, she said it was – we think Tom was afraid of the competition!"


-Gail Rosenberg (73)