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Small Group Fitness Programs

Fitness Options offers a wide variety of in-demand group fitness programs. The range of class offerings is suitable for various interests, fitness levels, and goals, and can fit into any schedule. We promise you'll enjoy the camaraderie and benefit from the accountability among participants, as well as between participant and instructor. Let our team of professional group fitness instructors guide you through one of our classes.


Program Descriptions:

  • VIRTUAL BOOTCAMP  An early bird interval class that mixes calisthenics and body weight exercises with cardio and strength training. This program is designed to be different all the time, with modifications for all fitness levels. Like a personal training session, Boot Camp helps push participants harder than they'd push themselves. In this small group environment, the goal is to offer encouragement rather than intimidation. This is a ZOOM Class.

  • TRX SUSPENSION TRAINING  TRX Suspension Interval classes will challenge participants with a fast-paced workout that combines TRX strength exercises with cardio-specific intervals that will get your heart pumping using body weight, jump ropes, stability balls, spin bikes or kettlebells. Class size is limited to 9 participants and is designed to feel like an hour-long group personal training session. Also, check out our TRX Express! 30 minutes of the good stuff!



All classes have the same rates and punch cards apply to all classes.

Are you new? Come on in and try a class. Your first class is free!


  • 8-class punch cards: $96.00

  • 15-class punch cards: $165.00

  • Class “Drop-in” fee is $15.00


Visit our class and training scheduler to sign up for our group classes, personal training services, and take advantage of special offers. Or call 802.863.4848 to reserve your space.

"What would you say if I told you there was a fitness center that was well-equipped, the cleanest I’ve ever been in, where the atmosphere is always relaxed, friendly and conducive to your focus on improving yourself, and where you’d find staff and trainers who are talented, experienced and committed to their own learning so that you get the best tools, help and encouragement to reach your goals?

For me, the activities that I do don’t really engage me unless the people involved in them with me do. And, making the kind of fundamental health/lifestyle changes that I needed to make at my age (52) may be simple, but they are NOT easy! Finding the right environment and the right professionals has been critical.


I’m in better shape now than I was during the most active period of my life (15-20 years ago as a young, single parent). I owe that in no small part to the trainers and friends I’ve found at Fitness Options."



Small Group Class-Goer

Cancellation Policy

Fitness Options has a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you book a session or class and do not show or do not cancel in under 24 hours, you will be charged for the trainer's time. Thank you for your understanding.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training


Train Together, Save Together.

Unsure about working out one-on-one with a personal trainer? Want others there with you for support? We can accommodate that and save you some money in the process.


Fitness Options' Small Group Training provides the same individualized attention at a fraction of the cost. Small group training provides all of the services of our one-on-one sessions with the added benefit of a supportive group environment. We can accommodate up to four individuals per one trainer, regardless of individuals' varying fitness levels. There really is strength in numbers!


Whether it is through Small Group Training, Small Group Fitness Classes, one-on-one Personal Training, or a combination of our offerings, Fitness Options offers a safe, non-intimidating and effective solution for people at all levels of conditioning to feel, look and perform better than you ever thought possible.


For more information call 802.863.4848, or visit our Information for New Members Page.

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