One Size Fits All

In exercise and fitness training, a “one-size fits all” approach does not work. This is one of my favorite aspects of being a personal trainer and health coach. Every single day, I encounter something new. Whether it’s a client’s specific goal, preference, injury, or condition, everyone has different wants and needs. This requires alterations, to say nothing of completely different programming. My oldest client is 91. My youngest is 13. I have middle-aged clients trying to lose weight. I have young men playing soccer at division 1 colleges. I have new mothers that want to return to their favorite sports. I have seniors reversing rheumatoid arthritis and regaining balance and energy. Some of

30 Thoughts Every Cyclist has During Spin Class

If you thought spinning was just like cycling but indoors, get ready for a huge learning experience Going to a spin class can make many cyclists feel slightly out of their element. It’s an activity so close to what we do on a regular basis, but different enough to leave us splayed over the bars thinking, “I just can’t hover anymore!” Plenty of strong, elite-level cyclists have admitted to feeling humbled and leveled by perky, ponytailed instructors who keep turning up the resistance long after an interval should have ended. We sent one reporter to her first spin class and had her record her thoughts. The result? A lot of sweating, a lot of cursing (most of it internal), and a lot of feelings

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